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About Our WordPress Article Guide

This invaluable collection of useful articles has been created to help any business build or improve its website building techniques, secure its WordPress website and promote it successfully.

With Worpress now accounting for oner 25% of the world’s websites, it has become the leader in web development and is continuing to rise.  As a consequence of its phenomenal success due initially to it being open source, relatively simple to use and free. While being aimed at the blogger yo start with, it has in fact created a whole new industry.

Masses of support businesses have grown and flourished to support the WordPress platform and now there is virtually nothing that cannot be done using WordPress with uncountable themes and plugins for every imaginable need.

Of course in this world that has also spawned some pretty nasty people who hate anyone or anything that is successful. In this case hackers who want to destroy or steal.

Discover how to beat these people and make any WordPress website not only beautiful, but effective and safe.

why you need a website

Website Essentials

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wordpress website seo

WordPress SEO

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Website Building

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WordPress Security

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