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About Us

Our origins lie in database creation and management for small businesses.

Informaticadbs was formed over 20 years ago to provide software systems primarily for the financial services sector.

The logical move into database design arrived over 10 years ago initially for ourselves, then our website impressed so many of our customers, that we started designing for them.

The arrival of WordPress made this much easier and we started developing this platform and refining how we did it year by year until we have reached where we are today.

Our founder Chris (That’s him on the left out for a walk in Santa Pola, Alicante) is responsible for the creative and financial side of the business.

We remain a small company but with freelance designers we can call on when there is an overload.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses prosper online by offering creative solutions to their needs.

We haven’t always worked with just small businesses, having worked in UK with many of the top banks, building societies and insurance companies and in Spain with Sprinter to help design their website and to integrate their database with their UK parent, JD Sports plc.

Many Small Business Need Help To Promote Themselves Online. We Try To Provide It

However for the last 5 years much of our work has been with SME companies who we love working with to create or improve their WordPress websites and to make them secure.

A lot of small business owners in every sector have attempted to design their own websites with pretty mixed results. A bad looking website gives out the impression of a bad company

We Want To Make An Online Presence Work For Small Business Owners

We are able to re-design existing WP websites with fantastic results. Help them with security vulnerabilities and assist with them making their website work for them.


"Chris and his team turned my messy, self-built website into something to be proud of at a cost any small business can afford”


"I was having problems loading my WordPress website and asked Chris for help. He discovered over 1700 redundant post revisions and big security issues which he fixed in a couple of days and now maintains both my sites with upgrades and updates so I can just concentrate on what I do”


"Very helpful and very efficient. All my WP management sorted for on affordable monthly fee. Great.”

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