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Check out our services to any business using WordPress as their website platform

Website Security

We check site vulnerabilities and correct them to minimise the risk of hacking and make your WordPress website safe.

We upgrade themes and plugins automatically to reduce vulnerability and increase site efficiency

Login Details and Upgrades

We’ll generate a secure login page that means hackers stand no chance of finding a way in and ensure your site is current.

Remove Excess Revisions

We’ll check on all post revisions and remove them to reduce the load time, disk usage and vulnerability

SEO Advice

We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engines to track crawler access and index it.

Affordable Monthly Fee

All our WordPress Management Services are charged at an affordable monthly fee that every business can afford

How The WordPress Website Management System Works

Once you have signed up with us for the system we will need to access your WordPress site just once. We will then upload a special Plugin Code that will allow us to manage your site remotely without the need to access it again for this purpose. At this stage we will also create a full off-site backup of your old system in case of unexpected issues.

To put your mind at rest we have never had a failure after several hundreds of upgrades, but we like to be on the safe side nevertheless.

We then check everything on your site that needs upgrading and carry it out immediately. It doesn’t matter how big or small your website is the process is the same.

Thereafter we will check your site twice each week (or more frequently if there is a major change) and clean it or upgrade it if it needs doing to ensure all themes and plugins together with any WP changes there are will not be out of date and subject to failure or security risks.

Before You Learn About Our Services - Here Is a Free Tip

You will be amazed that many WordPress website owners still use the default username “ADMIN” and their email address as their password. Believe it or not we have seen commercial business with “PASSWORD” as ther password


Why is this so important? Because every hacker knows that ADMIN is the default username so half their work is already done.

Secondly, your email address should never be used as a password as that too is a gift to hackers

Our services

Log In Security

We review your website login details and make them more secure. 98% of all WordPress websites we have reviewed are insecure in some way

Database Clean Up

We look at your database structure to check if it has any unnecessary additions and optimise it so it runs more efficiently

Posts Clean Up

We remove the excess posts revisons cause when saving. In a recent review we found 1700+ revisions which had major impact on the site's efficiency

Comments Removal

Unless you have removed the ability to accept comments you will be spammed with worthless comments that need to be removed

SEO Management

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital if your site is to be found on Google etc. We create a robots index file to promote SEO and offer keyword advice

Website Redesign

A quality website is so important today to establish credibility with customers. Our modern design styles create a powerful image for any business

The Damage Hackers Can Do To A WordPress Website

Hackers come in many guises.

Those who are purely malicious and only set out to damage or destroy a website because they can and those who want to steal from you.

So, why would someone hack your website?

Hackers are able to attack a certain version of a certain type of website easily as any specific site, so if there are a million websites on a list matching their criteria, they can quite literally hack a million websites automatically in one go, overnight.

They could use your server to mine bitcoins to make them money, essentially slowing down your server potentially to the point it is unusable. They can use your server to send spam emails, which could add you to spam-lists stopping your emails from going through. They could also subtly (or not so subtly) alter the content on your website to promote their own, or alter how Google sees it to boost their own ranking at the expense of yours. or even destroy your website altogether.

These few reasons are just the proverbial tip if the iceberg. A genuine business can suffer greatly at the hands of spite or greed. MORE ABOUT SECURITY HERE


WordPress Powers 25%+ of the internet

For that reason it needs extra management support, as anything that popular is a target for hackers. It is estimated over 20,000 websites are hacked daily and 60,000 targeted Hourly.

What do all these Hacked Websites have in Common?

Lack of proper website security.

Much of the vulnerability happens because of failure to upgrade themes and plugins. Such hacks can cost any business dearly in lost business and credibility.

We Fix All This.


WordPress is stable but needs frequent updates

WordPress is an ever-changing environment and wonderful as it is it needs to be upgraded with regular frequency to meet modern demands and increased security.

Not only does WordPress platform itself need to be managed, but also Themes and Plugins require constant maintenance too.

Failure to upgrade any of these can result in vulnerabilities in security and although WP is an extremely stable system, out of date add-ons can lead to occasional conflict and failures within the website.

We Fix All This


Big Images and some plugins cause slow loading

Apart from security issues, out of date themes and plugins can affect loading efficiency and together with non-optimised images will lead to slow loading websites.

WordPress can become very messy if it is not manage properly. For example, every time you save a page or post, WordPress automatically creates a revison copy that takes up storage.

That means- save a post 20 times while building it, not unusual, you actually have 20 copies of it sitting on your system. Multiply this by all your posts and they really add up.

We Fix All This

We know how to make a WordPress website work

Everything we do is affordable

Because we have worked with small businesses for over 20 years, we know what the needs of SMEs are.

No Bull

Fair Pricing

Minimum Input

“Small business owners are too busy running their business to worry about learning the necessary technical skills for managing their website. So we do it for them at a price they can afford”

The Admin Team
WordPress Management

Benefits To You

We bring years of design experience and security knowledge to help create, re-create or make safe any WordPress website.

Just sit back and let us get on with managing your website safely and securely while you concentrate on developing your business

General Questions

We have been working with SME companies for 20+ years and designing websites for 10+

We work out with our customers what they want to achieve from their website and build it. So pretty much all of them.

For our standard WordPress Management Service we charge a monthly fee that starts at £90. For website re-build or build we need to know what the customer wants, but our pricing is extremely competitive

We initially review your site on Day1 and then manage upgrades and optimisation on a weekly basis, protecting your site and saving you time and money if you had to do it yourself

Because we have extensive technical knowledge and vast experience and we have created software that automates many of the tasks for our team.

wordpress safety

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