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How To Turn Website Visitors

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It’s One Thing Attracting Website Visitors But Another To Secure Them As Customers

Turning Website Visitors Into Customers

It is one thing to get your site set up, and to get people coming to your site, but there still remains one more question we need to ask…

What happens when they arrive there?

We are now going to ask a few more questions. If you answer them clearly it can make a big difference to your bottom line.
It is so important as a local business to think carefully about what you present to your website visitors when they arrive on your site.

What do you want them to do? And do you make it easy for them to do it? Is it obvious?
We want to turn our website visitors into customers. We want them to become fresh leads for our business.

Take a look at your site.

  • Is your contact information clearly visible?
  • Do you have a working contact form that people can easily access to get in touch with you?
  • Is your website front page confusing or is it easy to read
    and navigate?

All of these questions need to be answered, so our visitors can quickly become customers.

Always remember, when people are searching the Internet they will not hang around on a website that is confusing or difficult to understand or read. We want to make it simple and clear for people when they arrive at our site.

Think of the one thing, above everything else, that you want to present to your customer, and the one action that you would like them to take when they come there, and make it abundantly clear how to do that one thing.

One of the ways that we have helped local businesses do this is by setting up an e-mail capture form on their web site. You may even offer an incentive for people to share their information with you, such as a free report, or a discount when they visit your store or business.

There are several creative and interactive ways to accomplish interaction. For our clients we have utilized quizzes, questionnaires, free eBooks or reports, access to an informative video, or a coupon or discount code.

The list is endless, but
what is important is the fact that we offer something of value in exchange for contact details, that then allow us to contact that prospect again in the future.
As I have said, this will allow you to contact those visitors to your site again and again in the future, with special offers, seasonal sales, and any other information that you feel will be relevant to your market.

It is a great way to bring people back to your website again, instead of them taking one look, never to return.

I always suggest that a professional e-mail company is used if this approach is taken. There are many different ones available such as Aweber, GetResponse, SendReach ot Mailchimp.

Each will allow you to build a great and responsive list of leads and buyers that you can sell to again and again.

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