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The Architecture of a Winning Website

Okay, so we now have a domain. What next?

We have to populate that domain. It’s like a piece of bare land that we now need to build upon. How we build can really affect how much traction we get in the search engines.

This is where many small businesses go wrong.

They have a website, and the site may look really great, but without the proper architecture and understanding of how search engines work, and how the search engine looks at and understands a web property, it can often fall far short of what is needed to appear at the top of Google listings.

First we need to figure out what people are really searching for in relation to our line of business. You would be amazed at how much you can discover about who is searching for what in your area of business using free tools on the Internet.

You can actually find out exactly what people are searching for, how many times they are searching for it each day, or each month, and where they are ending up once they do.
( for example).
This can be so helpful, because if we build our website to reflect what people are actually searching for in our particular line of business, we can greatly increase the likelihood that we will appear when they do.

Keyword research is an essential prerequisite to really creating the kind of website that will shoot you through the ranks. And not just for one search term, but many of them.

It is possible to create a website that has page titles, page content, tags, categories, and a host of other factors that help the search engines know who you are, where you are, and what you have to offer. All of these factors are good to keep in mind when your website is being built. Older websites can also be updated to include these SEO friendly elements in their coding and copy writing.

One of the most valuable services that we provide for customers is an initial SEO site audit, where we take a thorough look at an existing website and provide comprehensive guidelines how to improve that site for Search Engine optimization.

With this knowledge, when you build a website, you can do so in a way that not only informs the visitors who come to your site, but also informs the search engines, so again and again they keep coming back to you and presenting you to the people who are searching on the Internet for your kind of business.
And of course, there are also a number of behind-the-scenes factors that also come into play.

This is called meta-information.
It is hidden from the public eye, but is included in the coding of your website, and is visible to the search engines when they are looking to deliver their results. In fact, there is also what is called micro-meta info that can be including in the coding of your site that is specifically targeted for local businesses, outlining for the Search Engines key info about your business such as location, contact details, hours of operation and more.

All of this is hidden in the code of your site, but visible to the Search Engines, inviting them to highlight you to a waiting and searching world.
All of these things need to be put in place so your website becomes a honeypot for the Search Engines, and as a result, for potential customers.

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