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So we’ve staked a claim, we’ve built on our land (in the right way), now it’s time to develop some roads onto our property.
As you can imagine, an island cut off from the rest of the world is not going to receive much traffic. The island may be beautiful, it may have all the right things in all the right places, but without roads in, it will be very difficult for people to chance upon it.
In the last article we skimmed over what is called on page optimisation factors. These are the elements you put in place on your website.

There is also off page optimization. These are things that you can put in place that are not part of your actual website, but point back to it from other places on the internet.

Again, these factors are another important element in how much visibility we have in the search engines, particularly for more competitive search terms.
This is achieved in many ways, and by intelligently using the opportunities that we now have on the Internet, we can build many roads that lead to our site.

These might be links from social media websites like Facebook or Twitter, they might be reviews in Google+ local, or links from YouTube videos that you have created to advertise your business.

The important thing is that we concentrate on making sure that these roads are in place, and we continue to build more and more opportunities for people to find their way our main web properties.

Several factors come into play when we look at this road building exercise.

Not all links are equal, and some of the sites where we can begin to build links back to our own website have more authority than others (by this I mean that Google will place more weight on some links than others).

Having said this however, the important thing is that we begin to build a catalogue of links back to our site from other places on the Internet. Some of them may be important, others less so, but
every road back to our site is helpful.

As I said before, there are many ways that we can achieve this. To name just a few, we can post articles on article sites like or We can develop our Facebook fan page profile.

We can make sure that our Google+ local profile is fully complete and optimised. It could be RSS feeds, a blog, links from Twitter or links from the many bookmarking and directory sites that proliferate the web. You get the picture.

A good SEO strategy will incorporate all of these and more.

And all the time, while we put these other things in place, we can continue to build our own website with fresh articles and content.

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